I am one of London's leading speakers in the wellness & lifestyle arena. It's my passion to motivate women to stress less and step into their happiest lives.

I am available for corporate talks, private functions and corporate consultancy.

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Many of the women I work with, struggle with stress, self doubt and a lack of confidence. Throughout my own career, I previously experienced mental burnout and stress. I later discovered that healthy living was not just about food and fitness, but also nourishing my mind, home environment, relationships and forging healthy workplace and social connections.

When we nourish ourselves mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually - we can experience the full benefit of lasting, physical health and happiness. 


I regularly speak at events, workshops and companies about this health philosophy. It's my absolute passion to inspire women to step into a multi-dimensional approach to well-being. Everyone deserves to be their happiest, healthiest and stress-free selves.



1. Stress Less, Live More

  • How to naturally optimise your energy

  • Foods for focus and performance

  • Why the right type of exercise matters

  • 10 secret strategies for instantly mastering stress

  • Stress Resilience: The Key To Creativity And Connection

2. Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

  • 5 Essential Healthy Habits For Thriving Health

  • Building Confidence & Courage

  • Proven Methods for Happiness & Resilience

  • Purpose - Why It Matters And How To Discover It

  • The Positive Psychology Tools I Use For Better Health

3. From Punished To Nourished

  • Why Health Isn't Just What You Eat

  • Why You Should Ditch Diets & Stop Weighing Yourself

  • Loving Yourself One Bite At A Time

  • The Foods & Fitness for Happiness

  • The Wisdom Behind Your Cravings


4. Wellness In The City

  • How to stay healthy in a busy city

  • Rule Your Schedule, Balance Your Life

  • Reclaim Your Energy And Ignite Your Motivation

  • Balance Your Hormones One Breath At A Time

  • Good Health 'On The Go'

5. Find Your Spark Again

  • The 10-Minute Morning Routine Which Changed My Life

  • Why Changing Careers Helped Me Heal My Mental Health

  • Purpose And Passion In Your Everyday

  • Why Health Is Our Gateway To Happiness